Perfect sport images whatever the weather camera housing

Perfect sport images whatever the weather

The product

A camera that can record competitive matches and serve as a useful training aid by providing slow motion images and automatically saving game highlights.

The client’s request

Design and build a camera housing that can be used on a hockey pitch in all kinds of weather and that is easy to set up and maintain.

The potential solution

The construction of the housing allows space for a camera and a computer and the materials used are suitable for outdoor use. The housing maintains a constant interior climate, which prevents the computer from overheating.

The result

The housing was constructed according to the client’s specifications and can be produced easily in small series. Within only a few weeks a camera housing was designed and built that is now being tested at several prominent hockey clubs.

The TEKLAB touch

By working in close consultation with the client and following an iterative process, it was possible to develop the product into a compact and service-friendly housing.