A real eye-catcher
VelopA Easylift+

A real eye-catcher

The product

Clothing warehouses use large hooks attached to long rollways to hang garments so that they can be loaded easily onto trucks for shipping.

The client’s request

The existing hooks are made of steel and are expensive to produce. Is it possible to make plastic hooks instead? A specific requirement is that the plastic hooks can be installed between the existing steel ones.

The potential solution

TEKLAB analysed the way in which the hooks are used and designed a plastic product that meets all of the requirements.

The result

Thanks to the materials used and the production technology, the plastic hook is only 1/3 of the weight of the steel version, ultimately reducing the cost price of the hook by half.

The TEKLAB touch

By using plastic in the bearings as well, TEKLAB also managed to significantly reduce the noise produced compared to the steel version. A major plus for the warehouse staff.