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Your idea…. our solution

You have thought of an innovative idea and are thinking of taking it to market. Realizing your idea in a physical form is a complex process.

At TEKLAB we have been developing ideas for over 20 years now. We review every idea to see whether this is the next paperclip. That’s what drives us. That’s what makes us tick.

This is what we do:

  1. We check the idea on feasibility and achievability
  2. We perform a prior art search
  3. We develop the idea into a prototype
  4. We prepare the product for mass production
  5. We take care of the complete (production) process

Product engineering

Our main focus is on product development and all this entails. What all our engineering activities have in common is the fact that they are being carried out with a very specific, forethought aim.

Custom housing

A custom made housing offers endless opportunities. Depending on the functionality and the required appearance the most suited material and production technique can be sourced.

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Our Customers

We are proud of the projects we have realized for the following companies.

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