TACX Magnum bike trainer
A bike and treadmill in one training machine

TACX Magnum bike trainer

The product

Tacx Magnum bike trainer: a bike and treadmill in one training machine.

The client’s request

The client had an industrial prototype that weighed almost 300 kg. TEKLAB was asked to redesign the prototype into a consumer product that is easy to manufacture and assemble.

The potential solution

TEKLAB put its renowned versatility to good use during this project. In addition to applying all of its technical expertise, TEKLAB also played an important role in the development of the electronic components for this product.

When developing a product that requires the close integration of design, technology and electronics, a clear overall picture of the project is extremely important. TEKLAB maintained close contact with all of the parties involved, which allowed the product to become even more detailed in its specifications.

In addition to redesigning the product, TEKLAB also oversaw the assembly of the first products and even wrote the assembly manual.

The result

An impressive and superbly-designed treadmill trainer that offers a realistic training experience for both running and cycling.

The TEKLAB touch

TEKLAB played a proactive role in many aspects of the project. Many of the required tests were carried out internally at TEKLAB, such as the long-distance cycling and running tests, and TEKLAB also built the prototypes needed to test the various structural elements.